Invasive Plant Control

chemical-application1Each year invasive plants cost the agricultural industry and Australian environment millions of dollars in lost poduction and environmental damage. The cost of control is continually increasing, placing extra financial strain on farmers, Goverment departments and the community. Invasive species are competing with the native species for the limited water avaliable in the environment.

Joudi Enterprises engages in various control techniques for invasive plant species including chemical spraying, mechanical and manual control of environmental and agricultural weed species. (Excluding Crop Spraying).

With the use of specialised equipment and highly skilled operators Joudi Enterprises is at the leading edge of weed control and management. All invasive plant programs are recorded as per legislative requirements including GPS locations of works. A report is compiled and submitted to the client at the completion of all works.Chemical control in a swamp
Example species include: Blackberry, Boxthorn, Gorse, various broadleaf weeds, cactus, creepers, grass’s, woody weeds and other environmental species.