Agricultural & Environmental Blasting

Rabbit warrens vary from single burrows in light soils to large complex structure that may cover many square metres and go two to three metres deep in sandy soil.  They may also be built in cliffs of rock.

One effective technique for rabbit warren destruction can be the use of explosives. This is a usefull technique in environmentally sensitive areas as the ground disturbance is limited to the size of the warren.

 If large warrens are to be treated, a number of holes can be bored vertically in a grid pattern in the active area and charged.  These charges should be connected with detonating cord. Charge rates depend on the size of the warren and the depth of the holes bored.  The aim is not so much to excavate a hole where the warren was but rather to collapse all tunnels thus making it uninhabitable. 

 Alternatively several smaller charges can be fed down working burrows and fired simultaneously or individually to achieve the same result as griding the warren.  If warrens are built in shallow soil over a bed of rock, they can be more effectively collapsed using an explosive with a higher V.O.D. such as Shearcord or several smaller charges.