Pest Animal Control

Fox Entering DenDespite ongoing improvements in established pest control methods and the development of new techniques, Australia has basically the same suite of pests now as at the turn of the century, and animals that were critical pests then continue to cause concern now.  Each year hundreds of thousands of pests are trapped, poisoned, shot or otherwise destroyed because of the agricultural losses and environmental damage they cause.  The hope has been and still is that with an integrated approach and a sustained effort by the community, landholders and Government that pests could be all but eliminated. 

The armory of techniques available for managing pest animals is surprisingly limited. This has a lot to do with the characteristics of pests. It is technically difficult and usually expensive to develop and apply techniques against populations of animals that have great powers of recovery, disperse readily and are highly adaptable. Other concerns such as animal welfare harm to non-target species or other resources further limit the techniques available for use.

 Currently there are five approaches that are useful for the control of pest animals: 

·         Killing or removing by poisoning, trapping, fumigation, shooting etc.

·         Exclusion

·         Biological controls

·         Habitat manipulation

·         Other management practices. 

Despite the relatively limited range of techniques, there are many examples of successful control of pest animals and limiting the damage caused. These have relied on strategic application of techniques at critical times in the pest animal’s life cycle. It is essential to choose the appropriate technique or combination of techniques to suit the management strategy.rabbit

Joudi Enterprises engages in all aspects of pest animal control and can develop a management program to suit your needs.

Species controlled on a regular basis include : rabbits, fox’s, cats, pigs, wild dogs, goats and birds.